Government endorses innovative transport toolkit

Secretary of State for Transport says toolkit will make a real difference to people's lives


With transport now the biggest single cost of living, countryside charity launches toolkit to help communities cut the cost of travelling while improving quality of life.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) launched a new website on Monday 15 April that gives people, villages and neighbourhoods greater control over local travel choices. New rules give communities greater powers to influence local transport and planning, while emerging technologies such as electric bikes and map apps mean more opportunities to improve access.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin says: 'Transport is something that affects us all and the challenges of getting about are often greater in rural areas. By giving them more choice and new ideas on how to travel around, this new initiative from CPRE will make a real difference to the everyday lives of people across the country.'

In addition to setting out options, CPRE’s transport toolkit showcases best practice from across the country, whether from villages or inner cities, revealing how communities have decided to do things differently to improve where they live and how they get around.

Ralph Smyth, Senior Transport Campaigner for CPRE says:

‘With the start of the new financial year, local councils are having to take difficult decisions about transport spending that could make it harder for people to get about. This is happening at a time when transport is already straining many households’ budgets.

‘Our new transport toolkit includes innovative ideas, useful advice and real case studies, showing how you can improve your local travel options and the streets where you live. Don’t just sit back and let things get worse, why not take a look at the website and see if you can make your local travel choices better?’

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