You can be most effective if you combine a range of complementary measures into packages

It’s quite possible to work through this toolkit and come up with your own carefully prioritised proposals for your local area from scratch. Many people will, however, simply want to get on with some quick improvements and the suggestions below can allow you to work out packages of measures quickly. Even for those who do want to plan in detail, this section should give helpful pointers as to what measures you might want to consider combining so as to maximise your impact and effectiveness.

This section is broken down into three parts:

  • by type of area - how priorities may differ depending on type of area and size
  • by objective - ideas as to how to tailor priorities to local objectives, such as helping the local economy and tackling climate change
  • levels of achievement -  different levels of ambition you could aim for over time

In practice there will obviously be an overlap in terms of between different types of area and objective but the suggestions below are designed to get you started. Another useful source of ideas and information is this list of successful local authority bids for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

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