Levels of achievement

Sets out packages of complimentary measures that could be realistic for communities to achieve in two or more years

The packages below start with a focus on the planning and influencing sections of the toolkit because implementing physical changes tends to take longer. Although the bronze level could be achieved just by a local campaign group, anything beyond this is likely to need to be led by a local council, whether at parish or district level.


A community that has achieved the bronze level has the basics in place to build upon. Whether this level can be achievable within eighteen months to two years will depend on size of community, number of volunteers and support for the local authority and businesses as well as the starting point.

  • Basic plan drawn up setting out objectives and some targets
  • All highways (including street names), paths, cycle routes and rights of way mapped on OpenStreetMap (OSM) within 5 miles
  • Summary of localised travel information (timetables and costs) available on-line and to print
  • Cycling and simplified public transport maps available on-line and with printed copies on display at key locations
  • Community Speed Watch scheme in operation
  • Cycle training and maintenance available locally
  • Promotional events and publicity
  • 20mph on residential roads and town/village centre
  • Sufficient cycle parking at schools and shops
  • Clutter cut by removing unnecessary traffic signing and lining
  • Taxibus or similar for evening or low demand routes
  • Car club vehicle and cycle equipment to borrow


Building on bronze, silver ensures that a community delivers existing many different examples of best practice. The interaction of a range of measures promoting and improving sustainable travel options will lead to a noticeable change in travel patterns. An energetic team of volunteers able to offer regular time if not a part-time paid position will be needed.

  • Plan setting out road hierarchy and active travel networks
  • Main points of interest, speed limits, off road route surface quality and public transport mapped on OSM
  • Influencing planning applications through Local Plan (and Neighbourhood Plan) policies on sustainable travel
  • Programme of events during most of year and promotion
  • Widespread eco-driving and cycle training
  • Partnerships with local shops (buy local), businesses and attractions (travel planning)
  • Personal Travel Planning for individual households
  • Lower speed limits across the area with quiet lane designation in rural areas
  • Car club and e-bikes pools
  • Safe routes to main trip generators in community, e.g. school, station, shopping street
  • Redesign of some streets and removal of through motor traffic from unsuitable roads
  • Development of integrated bus and rail routes on some corridors


Gold firms up the measures in the previous levels and sets out a vision for a level of best practice not yet seen in this country. This is not just up to now best practice tends to have only been for a limited time and not across a wide range of forms of travel. It is also because some of the ideas, technologies and local powers required are recent.

  • Plan integrated as section of Local Transport Plan and aligned with neighbourhood plans
  • Detailed coverage by OSM including most points of interest and surface conditions on off road routes
  • Area wide travel planning integrating individual travel plans in businesses, schools and other trip generators
  • Co-ordination of travel plans with a full-time person
  • Integrated public transport network with good coverage by bus, demand responsive transport and rail
  • Dense network of safe, convenient walking and cycling routes
  • Local freight delivery partnerships for ‘last-mile’ delivery and community hubs
  • Mixture of electric vehicles and those powered by alternative fuels
  • Redesign of streets into home zones
  • Filtered permeability for residential and minor rural roads


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