Thinking it through

You might already have an idea what you want to do. Understanding what influences people's travel decisions, involving a range of groups and thinking about other issues is worth doing first, however. That's because things work best if they are joined up.

Influencing travel decisions

If it's fun, people are more likely to do it
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Travel is often more about habit than rational choices about the best way to get about. But it's worth changing both.

Combining different measures

Joining up different transport options
© Campaign for Better Transport
Combining different types of travel measures into a package is the best way to secure lasting change

Finding information and partners

Join up with other people

There are lots of resources out there already, whether publicly available information or organisations doing things in your area.

Shaping routes and networks

Which way to go?

Understanding how the road network and also different forms of transport can best join up is key if you want to plan well.

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