Making a plan

Making a plan is a good idea because you can:

  • set out a vision showing where you want to go, helping you respond to consultations
  • identify conflicts and connections with other plans, policies and issues
  • prioritise actions and keep on top of progress
  • help you embed your goals and proposals in other plans that can refer back to yours
  • help secure funding through the planning system and Local Transport Plans

You may just have one goal, such as reducing speeds through your village, building a new cycle path or filling the gap left by bus service cuts.

It is worth looking through other parts of the toolkit, however. There may be connections you could make, such as embedding your objectives into your local authority’s priorities or into the Workplace Travel Plan of a local business, for example. This could mean funding for a new path can come from developers or more local employees could travel by bus, helping ensure the viability of services. That’s why sections in the improving and influencing sections usually include a ‘partners’ section, to highlight the links that can if not should be made.

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