Whether you want to safeguard the route of a disused railway or secure funding to start a new bus service, planning can help

Because planning covers so much, there are many different benefits which include:

  • Shape the pattern of development in your area: places with higher density mixed used development can make walking, cycling and public the norm
  • Protect land and routes that could increase travel options in the future, such as disused railway lines and wharves
  • Identify ways to expand walking, cycling and public transport networks and give them weight by including them in a plan
  • Secure the viability of local shops and services by restricting developments such as major new supermarkets
  • Promote the adoption of travel plans for new buildings - see the travel plans for organisations section
  • Increase the proportion of journeys made by sustainable travel modes by managing car parking
  • Secure funding from new developments to improve travel choices in your area, such as car sharing, new walking and cycling routes and contributions to bus services costs

Neighbourhood planning offers particular benefits too:

  • Allow people build sustainable travel infrastructure, such as walking and cycling paths or external cycle lockers, without needing planning permission by creating Neighbourhood Development Orders
  • Create a neighbourhood design code to help create a high quality public realm that prioritises those on foot and cycle

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