Plan better

Plan better
What would make the most difference to your community?
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What should we think about first?

If you want to make things happen locally, creating partnerships can be the best way forward. Think about who you could work with, who might offer support and what local information might be available. If you can identify particular benefits for neighbours and local businesses you’re more likely to encourage them to join in and become involved too.

Marketing is big business these days for a good reason - it works. And there's no reason why you should adapt marketing principles to encourage people to consider changing how they get about. Similarly new technology has transformed mapping and the provision of information. There are now simple tools you can use to help people plan their journeys better, which can also help you identify the missing links and barriers that are stopping people get about your area on foot, cycle or public transport.

How can we start to make things happen?

Work out how you are going to set out your objectives – you could come up with a snappy action plan, create a village ‘travel plan’ for your community or perhaps have a say in neighbourhood plans, which carry much more weight in planning decisions than previous community planning tools following a change in the law in 2011.

Look out for funding options, whether from your local authority, developers or local businesses. Keep an eye on planning applications for new developments in your area and try to influence them to ensure they fit in with your objectives. See if you can ensure some developments come with conditions that mean the developer has to contribute financially to the travel proposals you’ve put forward.

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