From highway authorities and tourist boards to local stables, litter action groups and local pubs

The key groups to be involved with are parish (or town) councils, highway authorities. Where there are lower tier authorities (e.g. district councils) and in nationally designated landscapes, National Park Authorities or conservation boards, they are worth getting involved. But it's also important to work with the wider community, including Local Access Forums, tourist boards, land owners, local farmers and stables. Local walking, riding and cycling groups, such as the Ramblers, the British Horse Society, CTC (formerly the Cyclists Touring Club) and the Open Spaces Society, can be a particularly good source of information and expertise. Wildlife and nature groups may be willing to consider greater public access across their sites, such as allowing people to cycle on a particular route - after all the more people in the countryside the more chance wildlife crime can be stopped They may also be keen to help improve biodiversity on paths, which can be a haven for wildlife, so that they help nature move along too.

If you are trying to upgrade or create a new path, think if you could obtain support from an organisation that might benefit. So if you could show it would increase access to a bus stop, see if you get support from bus operators. Or if you are trying to create a new circular leisure path, perhaps you could find a pub on or near the way that could benefit from passing trade. There are particular schemes such as Walkers are Welcome and Cyclists Welcome that promote this.

You can really notice litter on the side of a road or path when you’re walking or riding and you may even spot fly-tiping. Litter is often a complaint about paths and you find out more about how to take action from Litter Action, a site run by CPRE and CleanupUK. Besides fly-tipping, another criminal offence that can be a problem is unauthorised use of motor vehicles. So the police can be worth being kept in the loop too, for example via local neighbourhood watch groups.

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