Range of options

Range of options

From improving access to stations to reopening lines

The first steps are improving access to your local station as well as conditions at it. There are measures that can be done quickly and cheaply, such as litter picking and planting flowers to make the station a more attractive place to wait. Improving facilities at and to the station, such as by signing safe walking and cycling routes and providing a shuttle bus are the next step up.

Setting up engaging with train operating companies to improve their services and community rail partnerships are not instant wins but they are important if you want to grow rail services. Some changes to services may be able to happen relatively quickly, others take longer. So changing which stations a train stops at could be possible the next time the timetable is updated. Securing new trains or improving signalling could take years, however.

Finally reopening stations and railways are long term options, the most so of any of the ideas in this toolkit. These can take years of planning and dedication but if you don’t start somewhere they won’t happen at all.

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