Revitalising rail

Revitalising rail
Branch line transformed by ultra light rail

Better stations and rail services can get you off to a good start but reopening lines and stations is something for the longer term

Rail is the backbone of public transport and the most efficient way to move significant flows of people and freight
Rail is a very safe means of transport, it’s also the most likely to tempt drivers out of their cars
From improving access to stations to reopening lines
From contacting your local Train Operating Company to commissioning professional reports
Make sure your station isn't the weakest link in a rail journey
Bringing together local authorities, rail operators and community groups to work together to promote and improve rail services
Improvements include greater reliability, more regular services and more seats
Reopening stations and railways is a long term endeavour so it's worth starting thinking about it now
Getting everyone on board from rail interest groups to the big hitters like local authorities and businesses
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