Range of options

Range of options

Action can just be in relation to a particular lorry route or about changing lorry use over a wider area

You may be concerned about a particular route being used as a rat-run or lorries accessing a specific site. Alternatively you may wish to help manage lorry use over a wider area, such as a residential district or networks of minor rural roads. Similarly Freight Quality Partnerships can operate at a town level or a wider county level.

Even if you are focusing on a particular location it is important to think about alternative routes and the impact that increased lorry traffic might cause on them. It’s much better to work in partnership with other communities to develop solutions that seek to benefit everyone, rather than trying to push lorries into another community.

Measures to provide alternatives to lorries tend to work best at the local level, though larger schemes, such as water or rail freight, may need support from at least one county council and major developers  to get off the ground.

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