Reducing use and impacts of lorries can tackle environmental impacts such as noise as well as secure more local jobs

Larger vehicles are noisy, can cause vibration and can be intimidating to people walking and cycling. They can hold up other traffic on smaller roads and occasionally become stuck. The heavier a vehicle the more it damages road surfaces, in fact the effect is exponential. Larger vehicles can also damage verges and buildings next to roads.

Logistics strategies can maximise loading, with smaller vehicles able to make last mile deliveries more quickly, particularly in congested areas with parking restrictions. Local delivery schemes can also provide local employment in themselves as well as helping small shops and businesses compete against larger firms that offer their own delivery services.

Promoting local sourcing of food and materials can not only reduce lorry miles and help secure local jobs. It can also help promote local varieties of food and the use of local materials in construction, helping preserve local character and distinctiveness.

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