Integrating parking with public transport

Depending on the location it may be better to improve other travel options or management of existing car parking spaces than try to build new ones

Schemes such as Park & Ride are seen as an easy way to get drivers into buses for some of their journey. While supposedly green, as much as a third of journeys made on Park & Ride would have been made completely by bus. Not only does this mean that overall, they increase the total mileage by cars, it can also damage the viability of marginal bus routes. There are similar issues in relation to car parking at stations, which can undermine the case for reopening stations or providing a feeder bus service.

It’s better to try to improve access by a range of means to public transport stops and stations. One approach is known as Link and Ride and involves improving access to bus stops. See the travel planning section for more ideas on station travel plans and ways to improve access. In some cases, such as sparsely populated rural areas where a rail station caters for a wide area, then increasing parking may need to be part of the solution.

You should also consider whether better management of station car parks could solve problems. Some stations are full of commuter cars, leaving no space for people later in the day - see the step by step section.

Integrating cycling and public transport is also important - see the improving cycle parking section for more information.

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