Managing car parking

Managing car parking
Plentiful parking leaves options like cycling in the shade
Better management of car parking is perhaps the most effective single means to change travel patterns, it can also help make streets more attractive
Much depends on the type of parking as well the different types of journey that generate a demand for parking
Better management of parking can help solve many problems such as congestion, street clutter and decline of town centres
Parking schemes can vary from tackling problems on a particular street to an area wide approach covering large residential areas or even whole towns
Steps are: find out about policies, identify problems, look into enforcement and come up with some options
Where's best on streets to allow parking and what sort of controls you should consider
Off-street car parking, which includes parking at workplaces and supermarkets, is regulated by planning policy  
Depending on the location it may be better to improve other travel options or management of existing car parking spaces than try to build new ones
It's worth making links with as many as possible early on
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