Making bikes road-worthy makes them safer and easier to ride

Despite about 3.5 million cycles being sold each year in the UK - that’s more than cars - and over half of people owning a cycle, the majority are left to gather dust. Often this is because they have not been maintained and are no longer road worthy, even if it is just because of a flat tyre. In any event badly maintained cycles can be more effort to ride and unsafe, particularly where brakes are not working correctly.

Giving people the confidence to fix punctures, for example, can help them gain the necessary confidence to cycle regularly. That’s why some organisations specifically target groups that might not necessarily be be interested or engaged in cycle maintenance such as mums, children, minority ethnic groups or the elderly. Their schemes help broaden the appeal of cycling making it accessible to all.

Some cycle maintenance schemes help young people to reuse old cycles that would otherwise be abandoned and so make cycling affordable for them. Although cycling is cheap, maintenance initiatives can reduce the cost of keeping a cycle on the road. Such schemes can therefore help tackle social exclusion.

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