Range of options

Range of options

Freight bike services, electric bike pools, wheels to work and more

The simplest ideas are borrowing bikes from a bike shop, perhaps as an event to encourage people to try out different types of bikes on offer. At the other extreme is an on-street public bike hire scheme, which would need major partners and millions of pounds of investment.

Most of the options will involve working with local businesses to encourage them to use cycles, such as for deliveries, or offer them to employers or customers. It may even involve setting new ones up to offer services that don’t currently exist in your area. Wheels to Work schemes help provide transport for young people who have transport difficulties to access work or training. In rural areas they have often been based around mopeds and scooters but e-bikes are increasingly becoming a viable option.

More information

How to carry more by bike - a leaflet from Bicycology

Electric Bicycle Network - offering e-bike hire and sale in tourist areas

Wheels to Work Association - the national association for W2W schemes

Bikes not barriers - part of a Community Interest Company that promotes cycling for all abilities and has a wide range of specially adapted cycles. It publishes a special guide to disabled cycling (pdf).

Cargo cycling - entitled ‘the SUVs of the Bike World’ (hopefully not in all respects) this American site provides a wealth of information about different types of cargo cycle across the world

Cycle freight in London: a scoping study (Transport for London, 2009) - a report considering the options for increasing cycle freight in the capital

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