Getting more from bikes

Getting more from bikes
Bike trailers can stop little legs getting tired
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By introducing opportunities to use electric bikes, cycle trailers and freight bikes in your community, cycling can make up much more of people's everyday  travel.

The wider the range of cycles and accessories such as trailers that are available, the greater the number of trips that can be cycled
If people of all ages and abilities are seen to cycle, then others are more likely to feel it’s something for them. Similarly if you see people carrying all manner of things on cycles, you are more likely to think cycling is an option.
Freight bike services, electric bike pools, wheels to work and more
Because of the range of cycles available and the range of options to promote them, it’s worth first identifying the market or rather types of trip that you think might be able to be made by cycle.
Cycle shops and businesses are the best places to start, as they may be willing to lend bikes to generate publicity and new customers. Local councils are worth approaching as they may be able to offer some staff time to help with an event or promotion if it fits with their existing plans or policies.
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