Many measures to create walkable communities are great for cycling too. There are, however, some actions specifically relating to cycling you can take that will help increase it so that it becomes a normal way of getting around in your community.

Improving cycle parking

Flower power meets pedal power
© J Bewley/Sustrans

Cycling parking comes in different shapes and sizes. What works for leaving a bike when popping into the shops may not be suitable for leaving a bike overnight.

Maintaining cycles

Community cycle maintenance scheme
Staveley Green Transport Initiative

Many UK bikes spend most of their time rusting in a shed - having a variety of maintenance initiatives increases the chances they can be ready to ride again

Getting more from bikes

Bike trailers can stop little legs getting tired
© Sustrans

By introducing opportunities to use electric bikes, cycle trailers and freight bikes in your community, cycling can make up much more of people's everyday  travel.

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