Improve choices

Improve choices
There must be a better way
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Get active: making your community walkable and ‘cyclable’.

'Physically active travel' - walking or cycling - should be the normal way of getting about for everyday needs. Getting there is not just about upgrading the surface of routes and creating new ones, it's also about making your streets and lanes attractive places to linger. By reducing the clutter of unnecessary traffic signs and lines and adding natural features like trees and flower planters you can make streets places for people - not just vehicles to pass through.

What can we do to improve public transport?

Simple measures are a great way to get going. For example you could adopt your local railway station, to keep it attractive and tidy, or set up an evening on-demand bus service using taxis or volunteer drivers. Bigger changes such as reopening an old station take longer to plan but if you don't start pushing proposals now, they will take even longer to reach fruition.

And for those who still need to drive?

Some journeys just aren't easy to make by other forms of transport. Initiatives such as car sharing and alternative fuels are great as they can reduce the cost to individuals of driving as well as the impacts of motor traffic on local communities.

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