Team up

Team up

Consider approaching public transport operators and local businesses

Some types of travel plan will have a natural lead, such as a school or business, and be ongoing. In other cases you may want to lobby to get a travel plan introduced, such as for your local station or hospital. Your local authority may already have a budget in its Local Transport Plan to help with travel planning.

For community travel plans you could approach local authorities, schools, public transport operators, health authorities, local businesses to offer help and financial support. The provision of incentives can be particularly important. Why not see if your local bus or train company might offer some free tickets or vouchers? Perhaps you could encourage local shops to offer discounts for a month to customers who don’t drive? You will need to explain that you are not asking for something for nothing by showing how they will benefit in the longer term from local people making more sustainable travel choices.

Finally don’t forget to make links with local business by including policies in travel plans to prioritise local services and produce. This will help reduce ‘food miles’, for example. See the buying local section for more details.

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