Step by step

Step by step

Steps include survey, discuss, plan and monitor & review

It’s a good idea to start by looking at an existing travel plan but make sure it’s relevant. So if you are planning for a small rural primary school don’t try to copy a School Travel Plan for a large urban secondary school.

  • survey - undertake a site audit to understand the current situation and survey staff, visitors etc.
  • discuss - develop a series of aims, objectives and targets to establish what the Travel Plan is seeking to achieve. Consider talking with other trip generators that may have done their own Travel Plan or be about to do one to share information about local issues and resources.
  • plan - prepare and implement an action plan with what measures will be introduced by whom and at what point
  • monitor and review - monitor and review, understanding the impact of the Travel Plan and introduce corrective action as appropriate. A yearly update can help keep momentum going.

There is more information about these steps in the making your plan section of the toolkit.

There is no fixed format to travel plans and they can range from a couple of sides to a hundred pages. It’s better to start simple than risk overcomplicating matters and not finish. You may wish to consider including some of the following sections to help structure your plan:

  • introduction - introduce the plan briefly for someone that may know nothing about travel planning or the area covered
  • existing situation - set out background about the trip generator or area covered
  • objectives and targets - make sure they are SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound
  • implementation - explain who will be responsible for overseeing the plan and how: this may also be the ‘strategy’
  • packages of measures - explain the measures to be taken to meet the objectives
  • monitoring and review - explain how and when progress will be measured include any baseline data, how new data will be gathered and how and when the plan will be reviewed
  • action plan - setting out measures and projects as a list of headlines with dates and people or organisations responsible
  • where to find more information - for example links to relevant organisations

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