Step by step

Step by step

Working out the size and intensity of travel marketing

The section on influencing travel choices helps explain the theory behind changing people's behaviour and is really worth reading first.

In summary, the steps to take are:

  • Work out scope of PTP: is it just dropping off information leaflets or will there be more detailed surveying of households and use of marketing techniques
  • Identify the area and proportion of households that will be targeted
  • Identify the resources available to give to households and create or obtain them where necessary
  • Find and train staff and/or volunteers
  • Visit selected households and segment them into three categories: those who already use sustainable travel modes, those who are interested to and those who are not at the moment
  • Follow up with households that have expressed an interest by offering personalised advice (e.g. using route planner for work trip), resources (see below) but also don’t forget to support those who already travel sustainably who may be encouraged to do so more
  • Monitor the behaviour of people who have been engaged to see what has worked well
  • In following years, consider identifying new people, or visiting those who haven't already been selected

More info:

Making Personal Travel Plans work - Department for Transport
Travel Smart programme - Sustrans

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