Organising events can be great fun as well as a very effective way to engage people and communities

If you want to maximise the number of people involved in a local transport initiative or simply thinking more about the way they travel, events are an indispensable part of the way to go.

Remember that if your event is specifically about or focused on transport, it is only likely to attract people interested in transport. If, however, transport is only an incidental element of the event, or at least there are non-transport attractions at it, then it is likely to attract a much wider range of people.

So it can be good to piggy-back on other people’s events, such as by having a stall there. Events that are seen as fun rather than ‘worthy’ are more likely to be popular and they help associate sustainable travel choices with having fun. An element of competition can be very attractive for some people but equally put others off.


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