It's not just a case of 'build it and they will come'

The phrase ‘build it and they won’t come’ highlights what can go wrong when a new bus or cycle route is introduced and few people use it. Informing people about travel choices and promoting those choices, particularly when they are new, are crucial to success of new travel initiatives and indeed the continuing viability of existing ones.

You might be surprised how many people are confused by bus timetables and how making simple information about how to use a bus can increase bus use. Many areas are not covered by bus maps at all, or there are county wide ones which do not show enough detail to know where buses stop. Simple promotion can help reduce the subsidy needed for bus services and so safeguard their future. People might not cycle to work because the only route they know is the main road they drive on, even though there could be a quiet, attractive parallel way along minor roads and dedicated paths. Better information is therefore a good first step to making the most of what you already have.



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