Step by step

Step by step

Ideas including local discount cards and costs comparisons

There are a range of ways you can promote local shops and services, rather than a particular set of steps to take. These include:

  • Create a local brand to use for promotional posters in local shops, reusable shopping bags etc.
  • Create a local discount card, such as the Wedge card
  • Organise special or regular events, such as a weekly or monthly local food market, perhaps with tastings
  • Publish a comparison of costs of daily items in local shops and with those in supermarkets, taking into account travel costs. You can then use this for stories in the local paper or publicity to local people.
  • Create a list of local shops and services for a local website or a local directory
  • Add local shops to OpenStreetMap - see the mapping your area section
  • Organise special deals, such as discounts for people who can show they have walked, cycled or taken public transport to reach a shop or service
  • Create a list of locally specific reasons why it's good to support your local shops and services, perhaps with photos of and quotes from local shop keepers and local shoppers
  • Encourage businesses to use local produce and services, such as by including this as a policy in a travel plan - see the travel plans section
  • Create a travel plan for your local shopping street to make it easier to travel to it
  • Set up local delivery services for local shops so they can compete with the services offered by supermarkets - see the managing freight section


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