Publicising and promoting

If you're not thinking about how you can provide information about and promote different forms of travel, you're more than missing a trick

Creating travel information

Better information makes better travel choices easier
© Campaign for Better Transport

You'd be surprised how many people don't know the options available to them

Organising events

Rewarding time for volunteers
© Tony Ambrose/Sustrans

More than just safety in numbers, getting people together can catalyse change and generate momentum

Travel plans for organisations

Smart moves
© J Bewley/Sustrans

Embedding sustainable travel into businesses, schools, stations, visitor attractions and more

Personalising travel plans

Door to door conversations for smarter travel
© Chandra Prasad/Sustrans

A bit like having a personal trainer but for travel rather than exercise

Buying local

Local produce

Help reduce the distance freight and people need to travel

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