Team up

Team up

Local authorities may already offer cycle training and can help contact schools and workplaces that may already have a cycle training scheme or be open to one. You may want to encourage them to get their councillors and highways engineers to be cycle trained to level 3 though.

GPs and health professionals sometimes prescribe exercise to people who are unfit or with mental health problems: cycle training can be a good way to start a commitment to cycle for improved health.

Some police forces encourage first time cycle offenders to undergo cycle training as an alternative to Fixed Penalty Notices. The City of London Police, for example, has trained some of its Cycle Squad to the National Standard and this helps them advise cyclists on better technique when on patrol.

More information
The National Standard for cycle training Information about the National Standard from the Department for Transport
The National Bikeability website
Cycle Training UK the largest provider of cycle training
Cyclecraft a guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children

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