While most people can ride a bike, safety fears prevent them from riding on roads regularly. Cycle training can help counter these fears and create safer, more confident cyclists.

Cycle training ranges from learning to balance on a cycle to the equivalent of an advanced driving course. It’s not just for kids: cycle training is becoming increasingly popular for adults who already cycle, even for the over 50s. It can be one-to-one or in groups of up to about six.

Cycling may be ‘as easy as riding a bike’ for many, but cycle training adds confidence and safety

Any training program should follow the Department for Transport’s National Standard for Cycle Training. This is marketed as Bikeability and it replaced the ‘cycling proficiency test’ in 2005. It is the only nationally recognised award for cycle training today and provides resources and information for cycling instruction and instructors.

Training comes in three levels:

>> Level 1 teaches basic cycle control skills in a safe, off-road environment
>> Level 2 introduces on-road cycling with other traffic, making journeys on quieter roads easy
>> Level 3 teaches how to cycle on busier roads and manage complex junctions

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