Step by step

Step by step

Whether promoting national lift sharing web sites or setting up local initiatives

The first thing to think about is what type of sharing initiative do you want to promote? It could be:

  • General promotion of lift sharing in your area, such as in a village website or newsletter, with links to national lift share web sites
  • Promoting lift sharing within your community through a dedicated site with local branding
  • Promoting lift sharing for a workplace or school, perhaps as part of a travel plan
  • Promoting lift sharing for a particular event, perhaps to reduce the impact on your community of people driving to it

Lift sharing websites do stress the fact that they are just there to set up lift shares and cannot vouch for the people you may share with. If you promote lift sharing it is important to stress that people should read the disclaimers on the lift sharing sites and also the safety tips.

If you want to set up a closed lift share group or a lift share web page for a particular event someone will need to register and pay a lift share website to do this. Otherwise all you need to do is to advertise. It can help to include other forms of persuasion, examples of which are given in the team up section.

It's important to keep promoting lift sharing, as it may take time to reach a critical mass. Why not see if you can get some stories of local successes in your local media, for example? This could be good as a six months on follow up action.

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