Range of options

Range of options

Whether adverts on a parish noticeboard or through sophisticated apps

Lift sharing can be done the low-tech or hi-tech way. Adverts on a parish, school or work noticeboard are easy and normally free but so too now are the options available on the internet, which has been key in the rise of lift sharing.

Although there are now 420,000 UK users on the largest site, Liftshare.com, lift sharing has tended to work best at the local level, or at least where there is some connection between sharers, such as a school or workplace. It also works well for one-off trips to events, whether football matches or festivals. Some counties have created their own version of Liftshare, such as devoncarshare.com , to make it easier to promote locally. With lift share sites now becoming integrated with social media sites, available as apps for smart phones and allowing the rating of people as potential shares (including matching music and other preferences), the reluctance to share journeys with strangers may decrease in future.

Nonetheless a major issue to consider is whether a lift sharing initiative will be public and open to all or private and restricted to employees or pupils’ parents, for example. Liftshare, for example, offers a Private Restricted Groups service, which only set people can sign up to, in order to enable this.

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