Save money and cut the environmental impacts of driving by sharing your car journey with others

Lift sharing, also known as carpooling, is where you find someone to share a car journey and its cost. It can be done informally or formally, for a one-off trip, such as to an event, or for your regular commute, at a community level or with your colleagues at work. It should not to be confused with car sharing, covered in a separate section of the toolkit and also known in the UK as car clubs, where you can book a car for yourself.

Some of the on-live lift sharing services include:

www.liftshare.com - Liftshare, international lift sharing site and the largest in the UK
www.gocarshare.com - goCarShare is linked into Facebook and is also the first to launch a lift-sharing app for smartphones
www.nationalcarshare.co.uk - the oldest car share site
www.blablacar.com - blablacar describes itself as the Europe’s largest carpooling community

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