It's not just about reducing transport costs, lift sharing can reduce stress

By sharing a journey, the cost of driving are split – making it more affordable for everyone. With the cost of fuel having increased, regular sharers can save £1000 per year, some as much as £2000. You can work out how much sharing a journey could save by calculating the mileage, such as through an on-line journey planner or Satnav, and then using a savings calculator to work out the cost per mile. It’s important the driver does not make a profit as otherwise this could invalidate their insurance.

But it’s not just about saving money, as it helps to bring access to car journeys to those not able to drive, can’t afford a car or don’t have access to a car for a particular trip. During the daytime as much as 50% of people in rural areas do not have access to cars, such as where the breadwinner has taken the household’s car to work. The proportion is higher still in urban areas.

Sharing can mean you don’t have to the stress of driving everyday and can do something else with your travel time. Sharing can also provide company for journeys but these days with the rise of smart phones, it’s easy to find an excuse not to make conversation if you don’t want to! You may feel safer too on a night time journey or one in wintry weather having someone else to travel with.

Sharing is great at reducing congestion, especially around events or workplaces and the need for parking spaces. It can also reduce air pollution and carbon emissions by as much as a tonne of carbon dioxide per year, the same as a return short-haul flight. So there are many benefits to lift sharing and it is good to highlight all of them. That way you can maximise the number of people who might try it out.

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