Range of options

Range of options

Whether publicity campaigns or training courses

Eco-driving can be promoted by simply providing publicity (see below for a list of tips) or by providing training, either with an instructor on the roads or on a driving simulator.

Eco-driving tips, as well as training courses, can be promoted across communities or targeted, for example by employers to staff in workplaces. Employers can subsidise eco-driving courses to their employees or even require attendance. It can be particularly effective for fleet drivers and is part of the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) training that is being rolled out to bus and lorry drivers. Because of the cost savings, it can quickly pay for itself where an employer pays for fuel and servicing for drivers.

Eco-driving should not be a one-off initiative. Without regular refresher training, bad driving habits can return. Similarly vehicles need to be checked regularly, in particular their tyre pressure. Many in-vehicle displays now include real-time fuel efficiency information, which enable drivers to see if their standards are slipping. So on-going commitment and consideration of vehicles when making purchasing decisions should be considered too.

More information

www.savemorethanfuel.eu - Animations showing ten tips for saving fuel
www.est.org.uk - Energy Saving Trust, which offers training in some areas
www.globalactionplan.org.uk/ecodriving-simulator - Ecodriving simulator

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