Change attitudes

Change attitudes
Training can give confidence to help people travel differently
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How can we make people aware of all the options?

Producing travel information tailored specifically to your area, or even a particular business or visitor attraction, makes it simpler and easier to consider other travel options. But that's not always enough to change old habits. By setting up a programme of fun events, you can start encouraging everyone to try different ways of getting about. Whether it’s a programme of local nature or history walks along footpaths, a bike to work week or a local food trail based around railway stations, the more ideas you have, the more you’re likely to appeal to different people’s interests. Not travelling so far can be just as much an option as changing how you get around. So you could set up a buy local campaign to promote local shops, produce and services.

What can we do to encourage people to share the roads better?

Ash in Somerset was the first village in the country to introduce Community Speed Watch as a way to tackle speeding traffic. But it's not just about reducing law breaking - programmes for cycle training and energy efficient driving can also help residents and employees to improve their road skills too. Free online tools are available to create local lift sharing schemes, whether in your community or with your employer. It's a great way to help people save on their travel costs as well as benefit local communities by reducing traffic and congestion.

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