Bedfordshire local area transport plans

Tailored to fit plans for smaller communities ensure they get their fair share of transport improvements

The Local Transport Plan for central Bedfordshire had the challenge of balancing the needs of the bigger and growing settlements in its area against the needs generated by being a predominantly rural authority. This meant developing balanced and fair policies for smaller towns and villages in the area that wanted to improve local travel options.

So Central Befordshire Council has been producing Local Area Transport Plans for communities in its area. Parish plans and local views are key to the issues identified and the ideas considered. The Plan covering the town of Shefford and Silsoe, for example, identifies gaps in the cycling and bus networks and proposes ways to promote these forms of travel in the local community. When drawing up the Plan, the Council thought about the future of local transport alongside land use issues, ensuring an integrated approach to the future growth of the area.

More information:

Central Bedfordshire Transport Strategy - click on 'what it says' to reveal the local area transport plans

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