Why the toolkit is for you

Why the toolkit is for you
Enjoy your time on the road
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Every day you’re likely to spend an average of an hour travelling.

Even for much of the rest of the time transport will impact on you. It’s not just about how other people decide to travel in your local area or how the goods you use are transported. The layout of the streets where you shop or socialise, the range of goods available there and who you bump into are all influenced by transport – and all add up to have a major impact on daily life.

The idea of being able to change local transport options and patterns can seem a bit daunting and not something that individuals or local communities can influence. In fact, there are more and more opportunities for us as a parish council, business employee or a local resident to come together to change travel options in your community for the better – whether it’s for financial, environmental or health reasons, or simply to improve the local area.

We hope you’ll be inspired by the stories from communities across the country who have decided to do things differently to improve where they live, whether they’re in a rural hamlet or urban housing estate.

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