What's it all about

What's it all about
Don't just sit back and let things get worse
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CPRE’s Transport Toolkit will help you improve your local travel options and the streets where you live

It’s packed with information and ideas for town and parish councils, urban neighbourhoods, local community groups and you as an individual. Whether you want to tackle speeding through your area, cut the clutter of traffic signs, create an evening bus service or make safer cycling routes you’ll find help here.

The toolkit is full of hints and tips, ideas and practical advice. There are lots of benefits that can come even from making small changes to how people and goods get around your area. It’s not just about having more choices for how and where you travel to and spending less money on transport. The approach in the toolkit is also about creating stronger communities and a better quality of life.

Reclaim the local from the long distance – you shouldn’t have to travel miles to live well.

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