Team up

Team up
Join up with a range of people
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Through working in partnership you’ll be able to share resources and information, secure support for your projects and are more likely to gain long-term change in your local community.

Team up with:

  • local councils: including parish, district, borough and county councils as well as neighbourhood forums. They now have greater powers to do things and should be your first port of call
  • local community and campaign groups: whether local groups of national organisations like CPRE or the Women’s Institute or local action groups. They’ll have volunteers as well as local knowledge, contacts and passion for their area
  • businesses, schools, visitor attractions and other places that generate lots of trips in your local area: they’ll be able to play a part in reducing the impact of those trips on themselves and the wider community
  • doctors and health services: if more people regularly walk and cycle then public health will improve
  • public transport operators: they’ll benefit if there are more passengers and may in return be able to increase their services
  • police: they have a key interest in ensuring people use roads more safely and considerately.
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