How to use the toolkit

The transport toolkit is divided into six sections. The core of the toolkit is plan better, change attitudes and improve choices sections.

About the toolkit

An introduction to the toolkit and how to use it.

Plan better: what do you want to change?

Suggests where you might find useful information, who you could work effectively in partnership with, where you could find funding and how you could put it all into a plan of action. 

Change attitudes: you can help spread the word

Not just about better information, this also covers promotion as well as encouraging more considerate road use. You'd be surprised how much you can change through persuasion. 

Improve choices: practical action you can take

Whether electric bike pools or adopting railway stations, cutting signage clutter or managing parking, this part is full of ideas to make to physical improvements to your area.

Be inspired: by local transport success stories

The toolkit is full of case studies from across the country. While they are highlighted on the right of the screen in different parts of the toolkit, the full list is here.


Changes and additions to the toolkit, new case studies and general news. Why not subscribe to the RSS feed so you can find out when new content is added?

The toolkit's approach is all about making links between different issues. To help you find different topics, a list of tags used in the toolkit is below.
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